A Grand Gallery Opening for “The Farmers”

This month marked a momentous event here at Stableford Studios — our first gallery show. I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about the subjects for this portrait series: Farmers! Yes I know, an exclamation point has probably never attached itself to the word farmers in the history of the English language … yet that’s entirely […]

Passion Project Becomes New Canon Campaign

As a western Colorado studio, we are lucky to be surrounded by working ranches and farms. These stunning locations, and specifically the families who work the land, are the inspiration for our latest Canon campaign featuring The American Farmer. The campaign grew from a passion project: Tyler started by shooting personal images of his kids, and rancher friends, to […]

Ariat Boots “Stand” with Stableford Studios

Last week, Ariat launched their brand anthem, “Know Where You Stand” and we are thrilled to see the video is filled with footage from our video shoots with the boot masters. Shooting with Ariat was the epitome of a Stableford Studios shoot: executing commercial stills along with capturing motion and doing it all on-location. For […]