Ariat Boots “Stand” with Stableford Studios

Last week, Ariat launched their brand anthem, “Know Where You Stand” and we are thrilled to see the video is filled with footage from our video shoots with the boot masters. Shooting with Ariat was the epitome of a Stableford Studios shoot: executing commercial stills along with capturing motion and doing it all on-location. For […]

Dateline NBC Documentary Launches Online

Our pro-bono project in Ethiopia, Aster’s Story, was just posted on Dateline NBC’s website as a Web Exclusive. Check out the video here. Aster Degaro suffered from a life-threatening tumor on her neck, one that had grown to enormous proportions and couldn’t be treated anywhere in East Africa. Ostracized by her peers, Aster couldn’t attend […]

Happy Holidays!

Hard to believe we are almost at the end of another year! You would think we would have seen this year’s end coming a bit quicker considering we’ve been filming holiday commercials since October! Along with the new Cabela’s “It’s In Your Nature” campaign, we also shot holiday spots for Cabela’s as well. See the […]